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Toye Esch

Married to Ken Bostrack

Two sons: Sons: Todd 45 Sean (Wife: Tess)

Seven grandchildren:

Todd's: Lauren 22, Colin 17, Lyndsey 12

Sean's: Glen 24, Josh 20, Zach 13, Hannah 6

Toye at our 50th Reunion
Todd: Fireman/Paramedic (w/ promotion to Lieutenant) at the Edwardsville, Illinois Fire Department.

I married in 1966, moved from Salem to Sacramento, CA, had my two sons, remarried in 1974 and moved to St. Louis, MO. I was widowed in 2002, then April 14, 2012 married Ken Bostrack (who was also widowed in 2002) and now happily living in Oregon City, OR.

I was reunited July 4 last year, with the very first boy I ever dated 53 years ago, with a request on Facebook from a Ken Bostrack to be his friend. Little did either of us know where that friendship would lead, not seeing or speaking to each other for 53 years. But 400+ emails and hours of long phone calls, September 26 while I was home visiting family, we had a chance to see each other for the first time. It didn’t take either of us long to just know this was meant to be and September 28, at Silver Creek Falls he asked me to marry him. I went back to St. Louis, he came to see me three times over the next few months, I put my house up for sale, said a tearful goodbye to my son Todd and grandchildren, my sister Debbie, friends of the last 38 years and pulled out of the driveway February 7 and we arrived in Oregon City February 12. We were married on the 14th of April in Silverton, had a Wedding Reception/Families Reunion/Potluck the 7th of July for family and friends who were not able to come to the wedding. Plus all my new friends and neighbors that have known Ken for the past 12 years, were able to meet our families as well.

The saddest thing in all of this was losing my Daddy Verne (Esch), who passed away March 4, 2012. But I was home and able to spend time with him before he passed. He met Ken and gave him a very special “welcome to the family” and his blessing over both of us.

I have had an active 50 years since NSH and can say good or bad it has all made me who I am today. A happy and blessed woman who will live out of the remainder of my life, home here in Oregon, with the sweetest man this side of heaven, children, grandchildren, family and friends I will forever cherish and love. Thank You My Lord.

Toye Esch

Last updated: 11/2012

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