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Bud Brooks

Married to Linda (Gill)

Children: Wade 44, Jason 41
Grandchildren: Heather 22, Christopher 22, Hayden 18, Joe 14

Retired on 1/1/12 from manufacturing management consulting;
Presently: Executive Professor at Willamette University, Atkinson Graduate School of Management.

Bud at our 50th Reunion



If I’d known I’d live this long, I would have taken better care of myself. I would have backed off the booze and the smokes – to say nothing about the kids and the grandkids. But here we are and often times the crap is a blessing. In November Linda and I will become great grandparents. That’s pretty damned exciting.

I look back on fifty years and can easily say, too much study and too much work. It’s been a great ride, but “so what?” I’ve only worked for two companies in my entire life and have held more positions than a porn star – including El Jefe Grande. It’s been wonderful, enjoyable, painful, and sometimes just plain confusing.

I’ve learned a lot and am writing a book to allow my grandsons to get a jump-start on their future. I share many of the things I have learned, such as:
- Never, ever, ever hit a girl or woman, ever – unless she’s your older sister.
- Buy AAA, it’ll be worth it.
- Never try to fix a broken spring on an overhead garage door, it can kill you.
- Nothing good happens after midnight.
- Figure out how to change a car tire in your driveway on a nice day, instead of on the highway at night in the rain.
- When you have sex with a girl, know that you’re having sex with every guy she’s had sex with before.
- Never cheat at golf – never.
- The only thing worse than a thief is a vandal – a thief takes what is someone else’s and a vandal destroys it.
- Don’t smoke. Don’t tell smokers they shouldn’t – they already know and it’s impolite.
- Put the toilet seat up when you pee. Put it down when you’re done. If you don’t understand this, pee on the seat and then sit on it. Or leave it up and sit on the bowl. You’ll understand why your sister and mother get so unset.
- There is no excuse for bad manners.
- If you can’t grow a beard or a mustache, don’t try and walk around with a half assed attempt. It makes you look like a “boy who wishes he could be a man/stud/guy/the real thing/etc.”
- There is no zero in roman numerals. You can’t multiple with them either.
- -40 degrees Fahrenheit = -40 degrees Celsius – both are colder than shit.
- If you’re dyslectic, accept it and admit it. I am and it’s fun.
- If you can’t afford car insurance, you can’t afford to drive.
- Understand interest rates, they will eat you or feed you.
- Love your wife and she will love you back.
- Honor and respect the people who go in harms way so you can live safely and freely.
- Respect your parents. They may not have raised you perfectly, but they most likely did the best they knew how and could.
- Etc., etc.

As a career, I spent the first 13 years working for Hyster Company in manufacturing. Then moved into consulting and education for supply chain. Three years ago, I became an Executive Professor at Willamette University’s Atkinson Graduate School of Management. I enjoy it a lot. It’s fun telling the starry eyed future MBA’s what actually happens in the real world of business.

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