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Paul Haymond

Happily divorced - No children

Occupation: Musician: organist, pianist, harpsichordist, choral director, dance accompanist and sound tech and early music wind instrument player.

Music is not a profession that pays a living wage so I have done many other things (presently security for New York Power Authority).

There is no easy way to explain this without writing a book so I will try to outline it- In June 1962 I started at the University of Oregon where I attended for three years after which I moved to Portland where I sold foreign cars and worked on renovating two houses. In the middle of this I lived in LA for 1 year where I worked as a shop electrician. In 1968 I moved to Rockland County New York (across the river from Washington Irving territory—Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow and all that) but ended up working as a pipe organ technician for Austin Organs out of an office in Upper Montclair NJ. (Austin factory is in Hartford CT). They assigned me to the other side of the river so I moved to Jackson Heights Queens which is part of NYC. After two years I met some people from Richmond College on Staten Island And moved there to attend school.—Richmond College was an upper division school that was part of the City University of New York.—It has since combined with the community college to become the college of Staten Island. (New York City is divided into 5 boroughs each of which is a separate county and Staten Island is Richmond county) Since then I have been the Music Director for several different churches (one of which in the late 80’s I made the mistake of getting married to the pastor for three years). I worked for dance schools, community theater groups (as a music director) and worked with early music groups and studied harpsichord with Edward Smith of New York Pro Musica etc. I am now doing fill in work as an organist and working in security. ♬

At City University of New York
about 1973

Paul and two sisters

My sister

After a concert at the Whim Estate,
St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Late 80's in St. Croix US Virgin Islands. In the picture to the left, I was starting to cut. The machete was so dull that it would not cut the coconut husk at all and the dog walked over to me looking like he wanted to help so I held the coconut in front of him and he started ripping off the husk with his teeth. It was much more entertaining if you were there.

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