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Mary Ann Humphrey

Married to Debra Sue Humphrey-Keever

Children: Parke 29, and Wynnston 19

Professor of Physical Education
Mary Ann

A long-time instructor of physical education and health at Portland Community College, Rock Creek Campus

Spent many years being active with Gay Rights organizations.


Our oldest son, Parke, 29, is married and living in Madison, WI, with his wife, Sarah. She is in her third year of medical school, and doing very well. While still working, Parke has decided to get a second degree as a Physical Therapist. They have two dogs, and spend what free time they have growing a vegetable garden, checking out the brew pubs and attending soccer events! We hope they will return to the NW for medical school residency work, and perhaps get a position in this area.

Our youngest, Wynnston, 19, continues to move through the School of Hard Knocks. We can only hope he will settle down and find something that makes him happy. Presently, he is living with friends not far from us, so we keep in touch fairly regularly. We certainly wish the best for him, but it is difficult watching from afar, his struggle into adulthood.

Debra took a few years off from her CFO position at a large non-profit, but is now back holding a part-time position as the financial consultant of another non-profit. The organization aids American citizens living in foreign countries, who become involved in domestic violence situations. She enjoys the low key level of her work in this position!

I am still teaching at Portland Community College, part-time, after officially retiring in 2003. Teach five physical education courses, with three of them offered "online" where I needn't go to campus! Nice creation of mine, don't ya think? It makes everyone happy. Expect to continue for a couple more years, then a couple more with just the online offerings. At that point, I think I will "throw in the towel" so to speak!

Recently, the demise of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" made me very happy. Sending my book, My Country, My Right to Serve, to the administrations of Clinton and President Obama, was an honor. Can't help but believe, the staff players, in making this oppressive policy go away, gathered some information and influence from this book! With the death of the policy, it doesn't eliminate human discrimination, but it is a step in the right direction.

Recently, I was honored as one of the first individuals chosen by the QCenter, as their Gay Hero! I still carry the U.S. Flag at the beginning of every Portland Pride Parade, and always in full uniform. This past June was my 20th year of doing so. We continue our involvement in gay causes. Debra and I have further pushed the envelope by now being married in every state in the union that allows gay marriage! So far, we have been married 12 (two were legally invalidated) times, which also includes Canada. In the years ahead, we hope the inequality regarding gay marriage will be rectified. Hope must spring eternal...

When not working, we spend time at our beach house, traveling and visiting distant places in our Alpine motor coach, or just chilling at our Portland home. We spend time with friends and of course, with our pets! We have two Jack Russells, and now a young "foo-foo" dog, a rescued teddy bear Poodle. As we move forward, the years ahead look very good to us. Another book may be written, who knows. Living with Debra is wonderful, and we always spend a lot of time laughing, sharing, loving and supporting each other.


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