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Linda Gill

Married to Roger "Bud" Brooks

Children: Wade 44, Jason 41
Grandchildren: Heather 22, Christopher 22, Hayden 18, Joe 14
Also expecting our first great granddaughter in Nov.

Occupation: housewife

I have been trying to reflect on the last fifty years and I fear that all the trite sayings are true and that nothing truly changes.    These are my thoughts over the years:

Marriage: difficult but worthy of our 47 years of effort. I think love and lots of humor remain the most important thing and Roger has given me many laughs and brought me out of my solitude and introspective self.

Self esteem: Every child needs an overabundance to weather the world. Mine has improved with age. 

Children: Joy, sorrow and lots of stress and worry.   Grandchildren:  More joy, sorrow, stress and worry--it never ends . . .

Getting old: "Not for wimps". But I'm trying to do it with humor and and not too many "I told you so's".  No one wants to hear your good advice.

Health: Thankfully, two hip replacements. (Thanks Julie Momsen) Addiction:  A terrible struggle for the addict and the family. My drug of choice continues to be cigarettes--I stopped for 21 years but "it's never over till it's over".

Travel:  "Do it while you can".  

Family:  This continues to be my constant--Roger and our two sons supply the humor and sense of adventure and I just try to hold us all together. The guys deal with everything logically--if they can't solve it or it doesn't directly affect them, they can set it aside. Me on the other had--I try to deal with everything sympathetically and hold on to it all.

Expectations:  This has been a hard one for me.  On the one hand our life has exceeded all my expectations and on the other I can continually be disappointed.  I need to quit "setting myself up".

Reading:  The greatest gift to myself.  I can go anywhere and be anyone.

I didn't mean for this to be an Oprah moment but it is at least an honest reflection.

Bud, Heather, Linda, Hayden, Wade

Jason, Jason, Joe, CJ

Updated 07/2012

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