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Jana Lane


Occupation: Real Estate Sales

Two daughters: Wendi and Marni

Four amazing Grandcritters:
Matt, Chase, Paige and Grant

I have lived in Lake Oswego most of my adult life and love it! I have sold residential real estate in the PDX area for 22 years. Each day in my career is different and a wonderful challenge. How amazing it is to wake each morning and love going to work!

My father passed away many years ago and my mother reconnected with my now step-father (Tom Talbot) at their 50th Oregon State reunion. They were married within 6 months . . . at 70! They are now 90 and 91, live in Charbonneau and loving an active life together.

My elder daughter, Wendy, is the mother of two fabulous sons. Matt is a sophomore at Oregon State majoring in philosophy and pre-law. Chase is a sophomore at Beaverton High, a lacrosse star and a 4-point student. I adore these men in my life! Marni, my younger daughter, husband Chris, their daughter Paige and son Grant live in Diablo (East Bay SF) CA. Paige will turn 13 this month, is a student at a private school (the Athenian School), is active in dance, piano and volleyball and recently returned from 10 days in Paris with a chosen few from her French classes. Grant is 10, and the epitome of a jock. He plays great golf with his dad and is quite the tennis star.

On my birthday, December of 2010, I was diagnosed with Non-hodgkins Lymphoma. I immediately began aggressive chemotherapy and, with thanks to God, my fantastic oncologist, love and support from my family and friends, I am now in remission. I continue to receive maintenance chemo every 2 months as Lymphoma is chronic. Each day is a blessing! In November of 2011, I had my right hip replaced. I buzz every airport security as I am now bionic. Getting older sucks!

I love traveling to tropical islands and have been blessed to have visited many throughout the world. Give me palm trees, warm aqua water and powdered sugar sand and I am in heaven. Looking forward to seeing you all at our 50th!



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