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Janet Latane


Children: Son: Larry, 49
Dennette (born 1966, deceased 2005)
Janet E the 2nd, 29

Ben 24, Josh 22, Sam 21, Caleb 19 & John 16

Occupations: Mom/Grand Mama (1963-Present); In Spokane: Owner Husqvarna Sewing M/C Dealership (1969-74); EWU Student (1973-76); Computer Systems Analyst/Manager (1976-81); In Anchorage, then Portland: Project Manager for Banking then Utility systems (1981-2004) to which I added blueberry farming in 1991. Retired into Volunteer workforce in 2004 to use organizational skills to aid in areas such as funding Master Gardener activities, educating neighborhoods in emergency survival planning, compiling tourist data, monitoring effectiveness of senior services, and generally helping to smooth out SNAFU’s & glitches here and there.

After our wedding in March 1962, I moved to San Diego where my husband was finishing his Hospital Corpsman training at Balboa and then we moved to Long Beach where our son was born in 1963. That was still our home during the Cuban missile crisis and the assassination of JFK … and on through the Good Friday Earthquake in 1964 that left such a large footprint on my future home in Alaska.

After moving back to Salem, I did attend our 10th Reunion (in 1972, just after returning from my first tour of the Husqvarna Factory in Sweden, followed by a 2-week tour of France & the UK, compliments of Husqvarna). And I had already moved to Alaska and remarried when I attended our 20th (in 1982 when I was first pregnant with JELII), but although I’ve had the blueberry farm in Clackamas since 1991, due to the Classmates’ takeover of seemingly all reunions, was not as interested in the 30th and 40th get-togethers.

During those first 20 years after high school, being blessed with children who were as curious about everything as I was, as I went from being a fulltime mom to owning a business that not only financially rewarded my sewing and teaching abilities, but also provided foreign travel incentives, set the pace for what I wanted in the future. And when I did return to college, it was the perfect time for women to carve a career out of organizing data into information systems.

Two of my favorite extended vacations in foreign countries: 3 weeks in 1986 spent flying around Australia and staying on Heron Island, a coral atoll in the Great Barrier Reef, during the return from around the Sun of Halley’s Comet. And driving around Ireland for 8-weeks in 1998 while renting a gate house as my home base because it was located near the border that separates Eire from the North, while JELII attended the Irish Johns Hopkins Center at Dublin City University.

Growing a new Depression: After taking numerous AIB courses during the late ‘70’s to certify myself in Federal Regulations in order to design banking systems, I moved to the Last Frontier, where it felt like watching a train wreck during the ‘80’s, while our government dismantled those same reg’s … but soon I too was among those benefiting from lax mortgage controls as it became easier & easier to qualify for bigger & bigger home loans.

However, except for wintertime utility costs, Alaska is still the place to be to survive an economic nose-dive. So here I am enjoying a new pastime, satisfying my never-ending curiosity while serving as a docent at our world-class Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center, which within its 170,000-sq-ft, includes a 10,000-sq-ft Artic Studies Center, with state of the art exhibits devoted to Alaska’s first peoples, which is maintained by the Smithsonian. In Inuit mythology,
Nanook means "Polar Bear," the master of all bears. Because I support saving these animals during global warming, about ten years ago, I adopted the nickname, "Janook of the North."


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