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Jim Ivie
JIM IVIE passed away shortly after our high school graduation. He had leukemia.
He was well-loved by all who knew him in his North Salem High School class.
My own memories of Jim are from our sophomore year French class, where we all had a great time calling each other Madamoiselle and Monsieur. Jim was so friendly and easygoing. I will always remember him as M'sieur Ivie. - - - Shirlye Munkres Sonsteby

I would lovingly like to remember Jim Ivie, a wonderful friend with a warm heart who was taken from us before he ever had a chance at life, at age 19.  Jim was known to some of his classmates and basketball team mate as 'Al E. Gator'. To me he was 'votre lapin bleu', trying to show off his French skills in his notes. To his little nephew, Rusty, he was Uncle Jimmy. Jim would have made a great dad. Jim was a good basketball player,fun, funny and a good dancer. Above all, he was a wonderful friend!- - Maira Lezdins Rusis

Jim made us laugh, and when he wasn't doing that, then he was laughing himself. He entertained before school, at lunch, passing between classes, after school, in the car cruising around town, and best of all... right in the middle of a class when the teacher was talking, to see if he could get you to laugh out loud. I remember the fun and good times that Jim brought to North Salem. ~ Mike Cooley


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