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Cheryl earlier in 2012


Joanne Cooley Ellis - She was my friend from Englewood school and I went to her house every week where her mother led the Brownie troop. I know she will be missed by so many. Prayers for your family.

Nancy McDaniel Shultz - I am so sorry also. Like Joanne I met Cheryl at Englewood. and graduated with her from North Salem. I am so glad I got to see her at the reunion this year.

Maira Lezdins Rusis - Cheryl was my very first American friend who helped me learn English and get through 1st grade. We lived across the street from each other. I am so glad I got to see and talk to her at our reunion and to rekindle our friendship over the last couple of years through Facebook. She was a spunky, wonderful lady.

Jerry Freshour - I am so thankful that I got to work on the Reunion Committee with Cheryl during the past months.

Bill Ritchie - I am so very saddened. She was a wonderful lady!

Alan Tresidder - Cheryl and I went to junior high and high school together. Always such a great smile on her face and laughter from the heart. She was a good friend and will be missed.

Mike Cooley - Cheryl welcomed me on Facebook with the same warmth that she had shared at Englewood when we were friends there.

Nanci Wolf Ericson - Cheryl was such a sweet friend in junior high and high school, and I'm so very glad we were able to reconnect at our recent reunion. We're all feeling the loss.

Donna Baker Archer - Cheryl was one of a kind. I went to school with her and she was so much fun to be around! She will be missed by all who knew her!

Sharon Miller McGimsey - Cheryl was such great fun in high school and loved by all. It was wonderful to see her at our 50th reunion.

Joyce Rawlins Bowden - Cheryl was always kind and had such a good sense of humor. She loved her family.

Tom Averill - I am saddened that Cheryl passed after such hard fought battle. I along with many people will miss her but remember her with a variety of positive thoughts. About 40 years ago I told her about something going on in my life that had me upset, angry etc. She listened, reflected and gave me good advice about sorting out my feelings. How to get harmony in places I could not control. It was really helpful at the time and I have remembered that moment. Fair to say she knew more about humanity than I. This contributes to my good memory of Cheryl.

Mike Cooley - I talked with Cheryl by phone during the reunion and we laughed about being AV operators in 5th and 6th grade and always getting out of class. I worked at the Hunger Hut across from Parrish and she worked at Zesto just down the street. She welcomed me and corresponded on Facebook as though fifty years had never passed. Life is precious and so are the memories. We all miss you, Cheryl, and thank you for the wonderful person you were.

Carol Williams Textrum - What fun I had working with Cheryl on our reunion committee this past year. She was always so much fun to be around . . . certainly kept our meetings lively for sure! I will miss her wonderful, quirky sense of humor.

Kathy Michek - I, like all of you, was saddened by the loss of Cheryl. I am so glad Cheryl was on the Reunion committee this year as really got to know her, she was such fun and a caring person as well. Will miss her. Prayers and thoughts to all the family.

Rick "Moose" Muhs - Such sad sad news . . . I couldn't help shedding tears, but ended with a smile on my face remembering Cheryl from my years with/around her at Englewood, Parrish and North - and in all the fun and mischief we so often shared. Most of all, I am so glad to have been a part of the 50th Reunion Committee, to reconnect & share her uncanny wisdom, wit and that one-of-a-kind laugh. I will miss her deeply, along with all who knew her. My prayers and thoughts to family. God has lit a new bright star.

Mary Ann Humphrey-Keever - Cheryl was a wonderful, happy, cheery sort of student, and I remember her always having a smile on her face and a pretty great sense of humor. Not sure how she did all that, but by golly, she was a gem. She was definitely someone others could feel quite comfortable being around. She was a mover and shaker when we were in school. Always a kind word or willing to help a new student or work on some school project! I am so glad we got to reconnect during the last few reunions, but particulary during our 50th reunion. Guess I should have let Cheryl and the rest of the rather 'tipsy gang' that shut down the main bar at the Red Lion come into our parked motor home that great reunion night, and we could have had even more wonderful stories to tell!! All of us mourn the loss of this special woman from our lives. I don't think there is a single member of our class that doesn't have some wonderful, special memories of Cheryl. Bless her family during this time of loss and to all those close to her. Certainly, there is a new, shiny star in our heavens, and most definitely, its name is Cheryl! We know her kind spirit is still with us, watching us from afar, but always near...

Millen & Carol DeForest - We want to express to you and Cheryl's family how sad we are at the loss of a very super nice person. Carol and I both knew Cheryl. Carol knew her from Rainbow Girls in the 50's and is deeply sadened by her loss. We plan on being at her Celebration of Life and thank you for letting us know the intended plans. We too, were fortunate enough to have Cheryl in our lives.

Betty Grimes Crutcher - Thank you for the update. So sorry to hear the news, but glad to be able to see her at the reunion. Prayers for her family.

Bob Gruchalla - Please forward my sincere condolences to Cheryl's family. I am presently in Mesa, AZ for the winter and unable to attend. Thank you for keeping me informed of occurrences to my classmates.

Jackson Muller - This was really sad to hear. I'm very thankful that I was able to talk to her at the reunion. Thank you for letting me know.

Peggy McKee Peters - Thank you for the notification. It's hard to wrap your head around some of this.

Valerie Jessop Hanseth - I have thought about Cheryl many, many times since I heard this sad news. She was a very sweet person whom EVERYONE liked. Thankfully she had her loved ones WITH HER all through her life, as well as many close friends. We all have to "Go" eventually and it sounds like she "went" fairly peacefully, which is a huge blessing.

Judy Brown - Her kids chose that location because it was the last time SHE HAD A FABULOUS TIME!!! We all did. For Cheryl, with the OHSU to follow and these long 3 months . . . we all hold onto those memories of that 50th Reunion!

Sigfried Boelow - Thank you for letting me know. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family especially at this time of year.

Jane Beyer - Thank you for letting me know about this sad news. Cheryl was a really nice person and I am sure will be very missed by all who knew her.

Tom Averill - I would like to particularly tell her children with what esteem we hold her.

Sigfried Boelow - My thoughts and prayers go out to the family especially at this time of year.

Jack Muller - I was truly saddened by the news about Cheryl. After the initial sorrow, my mind brought up two special memories. One was the teasing that she gave me in Englewood elementary school, especially in the 6th grade. I did not like the teasing at that time. Now it brings a smile to my face, and a tear. The second memory was seeing her at the 50-year North Salem High School reunion less than 3 months ago. Although I had not had any contact with Cheryl since we graduated, we had an absolutely great conversation. She also quickly dragged me over to meet my best friend at Englewood who didn't attend North Salem. I hadn't had any contact with him in over 55 years! It was really thoughtful of her to make sure I got to talk to him. Thank you, Cheryl. I miss you. My thoughts and prayers to her entire family.

Rick Yagle - I am so so sorry to hear of Cheryl's passing. I only saw her at our reunions, but placed a call to her just before our 50th. She was so sweet, and fun to have a conversation with. Her family and friends were truly blessed to have her a part of their lives.

Donna Baker Archer - I loved Cheryl as did most who knew her!

Married 48 years to Stuart, also deceased

Four children: Greg, Kathy,
Mark and Susan

Seven Grandchildren:
Grace, Ella, Caroline, Christopher & Nathan (twins), Catie, and Will

Cheryl passed away November 12, 2012 after a losing battle with pancreatic cancer.

She had worked at Salem Hospital as a histologist. Raising a family was her priority. Her husband Stu had been in poor health since 2005 and on 06/29/11, he passed away with Cheryl and the kids by his side.

Cheryl Alabada





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