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Bobbie Kunowsky

Significant Other: Bill Robb

One daughter: Tracey 41

Joshua 11, Caleb 9,
Christian 7 and Sammy 4

Salem, OR

Bobbie at our 50th Reunion




Business Systems Analyst for financial software and interfaces with the Salem-Keizer School District for 28 years, Cost Accountant for a Valve Company in Long Beach, CA, and Market Research Statistical Analyst for U S News & World Report Magazine in Washington, DC. I retired from the School District in June, 2002, I really can’t believe it has been 10 years. After graduation I moved to DC and worked at US News & World Report, which was located on the edge of Foggy Bottom and close to DuPont Circle. It was great fun for an 18 year old from a small town in Oregon. I was there when President Kennedy was shot, came back from lunch and it was on the news. I will never forget that experience.

In the late 60’s and early 70’s I moved back to Salem, then to Long Beach, California, and after Tracey was born moved to San Diego. We moved back to Salem in April of ’74. I started with the School District in July of ’74. I have done a little traveling, France, England, Italy and Switzerland, Jamaica, Cabo, and Hawaii several times, also went on a couple of cruises. Love going to plays in Portland and have enjoyed several on Broadway. My Mom will be 90 in September, 2013, so my sister and I are taking her to New York for Christmas shopping, the Rocketts Christmas show, and a play. It is suppose to be a magical time of year in the City.

Bill and I started dating in May of ’76 and are still dating! We have a motor home and spend the winters camping on the Colorado River in Southern Arizona with trips to Nevada and California. We enjoy going to car shows, reading and doing what we do best, nothing! But the true highlight of my life is my daughter and my four grandsons. Tracey has been married 14 years, and is fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home Mom. She added home schooling to her list of hobbies for the three older boys, and thoroughly enjoys it. Sammy will be in pre-k 4 next year. Her family lives in Bend. I visit one week a month from April to October, to love on my boys, and give her some time off, I enjoy having them all to myself!! All of my family spends the holidays together in Salem, and Christmas couldn’t be more fun. I am blessed to be able to spend the time I do with my family and friends throughout the year.I am looking forward to the reunion and have really enjoyed working on the committee!

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